Impossible Jump - Buildbox Game Template

This is an Android Arcade Avoidance Game , Built with BuildBox. The aim of the player is to avoid touching the Triangles .

You can edit the game easily, no need advance programming skills .

This game also has ready Admobe, Cahrtboost interstitial Ads and banner, also it has a Leaderboard already setted up , and it has In App Purchase which is an Extension tells the player to buy an option that allows the player to disable ads .

FEATURES Includes interstitial AdMob Ads – Make money from Ads easily. All game elements are in .ai format. Pause Feature – Player can pause game during gameplay. Video Tutorial Included – A narrated video tutorial is included for a quick start. Music and sound – Game comes with music and Audio features. Player can choose to turn off all sound fx or music.

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