Hotelis - Hotel Booking React Native Expo Ui Kit

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This project is a TEMPLATE. Not backend project. Built on React Native Expo.

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Hotelis is a comprehensive and feature-rich react native ui kit designed specifically for creating hotel booking application using react native expo. With its extensive collection of more than 80 user screens, pre-designed components, and various layouts, Hotelis significantly accelerates the development process, making it an excellent choice for developers looking to build a high-quality hotel booking app.

The flexibility of Hotelis is one of its key strengths. It is designed to be fully customizable, allowing developers to tailor the UI according to their specific branding requirements and application flow. Customization options may include adjusting color schemes, typography, iconography, and overall UI layout to create a unique and visually appealing user interface.

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Use cases for this template:

  • Hotel Booking App
  • Hotel Reservation App
  • Travel Booking App
  • Rent House App
  • Real Estate App
  • Home & Hotel App


  • Built with React Native Expo
  • Multipurpose screens
  • Only Functional Components & React Hooks
  • Well structured components
  • Clean and Easy Code with Clear Navigation.
  • This UI Provides Easy, Enjoyable, and Effective Interaction Between the User and the App
  • Organized Layers and Groups.
  • Responsive design to any device screen
  • Advanced Search & Filter, Hotel Booking Details, Rating & Review Features
  • Maps Features (Search / Find Hotel Booking Nearby / Around User)
  • Favorites Features & Hotel Booking Booking Complete Flow with Multiple Payment Methods

Demo Images

Hotelis - Hotel Booking React Native Expo Ui Kit Hotelis - Hotel Booking React Native Expo Ui Kit Hotelis - Hotel Booking React Native Expo Ui Kit

Screens Included:

  • Splash Page_01
  • Splash Page_02
  • Onboarding_01
  • Onboarding_02
  • Onboarding_03
  • Signup
  • Login
  • Fill Your Profile
  • Create New PIN
  • Set Your Fingerprint
  • Account Setup Successfully
  • Forgot Password Methods
  • Forgot Password Methods Email
  • Forgot Password Methods Phone Number
  • Create New Password
  • Change Password
  • Change Email
  • Home
  • My Bookmark
  • Notifications
  • Search
  • Featured Properties
  • Recommandations Properties
  • Properties nearby your location
  • Filter estates
  • Hotel Details About Us
  • Hotel Facilities
  • Hotel details gallery
  • Hotel details reviews
  • Message apartment owner
  • Hotel Details Share
  • Book Appointment
  • Payment Details
  • Reviews Summary
  • Payment Successful
  • Cancel Booking
  • My Booking
  • Explore Maps
  • Our Gallery Details
  • Enable location
  • My Booking
  • My Booking History
  • Cancel Booking
  • Booking Successful
  • Write Review
  • Call History
  • Chat History
  • Inbox Chat Details
  • Inbox
  • Inbox Calls
  • Transactions View E-Receipt
  • Profile Settings
  • Edit Profile
  • Settings Notifications
  • Settings Payment
  • Payment Add New Card
  • Settings Security
  • Settings Language
  • Privacy Policy
  • Invite Friends
  • Help Center
  • Faqs
  • Customer Service
  • Logout
  • And more..

Images & Icons:

  • Freepik
  • Unsplash
  • Flaticon


  • React Native
  • React Native Gifted Chat

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