Delivery Boy app for WooCommerce

Note: No coding knowledge is required. This is not flutter source code. Its WordPress Plugin and Web Tool to create an android mobile app

username: driver
password: driver

Delivery Boy Mobile app for WooCommerce

  1. Delivery Login
  2. Delivery boy get the notification for new orders
  3. Delivery boy can view new orders
  4. Delivery boy can view order details
  5. Delivery boy can view vendor details
  6. Delivery boy can view customer location
  7. Delivery boy can launch google map to view customer location
  8. Delivery boy can launch google map to view store location
  9. Delivery boy can call the customer from the app
  10. Delivery boy can accept orders
  11. Delivery boy can process and complete orders
  12. Admin can enable geolocation and set the specific distance range
  13. Delivery boy within specific distance get the notification for new orders
  14. Works for WooCommerce single vendor
  15. Works for WooCommerce Multivendor
  16. Support WCFM
  17. Support Dokan
  18. Support WC Marketplace

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